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The combination of our skills and experience enables us to support your projects at the heart of the intangible economy, of culture and sport and to help you successfully face the changes in our world. Law is a tool that we use with agility to address the diversity and complexity of the risks and challenges of your economic activities. We rely on our recognized expertise in intellectual property and sport law and our knowledge of the cultural sector and sports movement, in order, beyond legal and operational solutions, to take the necessary perspective to apprehend the other economic and human stakes of your cases. Lawyers and entrepreneurs, we know how to think outside the box, so that your projects stay within the box.



For each case, we first discuss your project and your needs together to identify the best approach. We then determine with you the most appropriate terms and conditions of our intervention, by defining: nature of the services, persons intervening within the firm, deadlines, budget. We keep you closely informed of the progress and execution of our services. If need be, we make any necessary adjustments during the course of the mission. This way, you have control over your cases and budgets.

Our services


From the very beginning of your project, we help you to identify the risks as well as the intangible assets to be protected and valorized, in order to optimize the structuring and implementation of your project.

Your contracts are not isolated and disembodied acts: by assisting you over time, we strive to negotiate, design and draft for you, contracts that are consistent with the reality of your business and adapted to your constraints.

Your intangible assets must be secured and valued; we help you to do so: audit of portfolios and recommendations to optimize intangible assets; formalities, including the filing of national, European Union and international trademarks; validation of signs whose filing and/or use are envisaged; prior art searches; preparation and negotiation of all types of agreements (coexistence, license, assignment); recommendations concerning proof of acquisition, use and securing of rights, administrative procedures before national and European Union offices (oppositions, observations, objections, revocation and invalidity).

We defend with determination, rigor, tenacity and creativity your interests and your intangible assets before judicial (civil and criminal) and administrative bodies (INPI, EUIPO, CNIL, etc.). But we also know how to seek and find amicable settlements when they appear relevant.

Law requires to be constantly informed: we provide customized training on a general theme or dedicated to a specific need.

The above points do not meet your needs: contact us to talk about it, we will seek together the adequate answer.


Some of our interventions

Art & Intellectual Property

Structuring the contractual documentation of the subsidiary of a public institution operating in the cultural and music sector (audit of contracts and practices, drafting of numerous standard and individual contracts, including in particular a contract for the commissioning of works of art, a rights assignment contract, a co-production contract, an intellectual property rights assignment clause to be inserted in the framework of public contracts and articulation with the CCAG-PI, delegation of signature, confidentiality agreement, etc.).

Some of our interventions

Art & Cultural Heritage

Assistance, advice and recommendations to several cultural public operators: drafting of loan and deposit contracts, insurance of works of art, modalities for enhancing the value of collections, status of works, modalities for operating a photographic fund donations and fundraising.

Some of our interventions

Audiovisual & Intellectual Property

Representation before the Tribunal of Paris of an audiovisual broadcaster in the context of an action for infringement of alleged copyrights on a TV series project.

Some of our interventions

Commercial & Sudden termination

Advice, recommendations and representation of a private operator in the context of an action before the Commercial Court for sudden termination of established commercial relations.

Some of our interventions

Internet & Data

Assistance to a leader of online classified ads in the context of a litigation aiming at stopping the plundering of its data by another operator.

Some of our interventions

Publishing & Intellectual Property

Assistance to a publisher in the context of a pre-litigation relating to the imaginary biography of the hero of a famous film saga, involving trademark law, copyright and unfair competition.

Some of our interventions

Publishing & Intellectual Property

Representation of a publisher and its manager in the context of several legal actions initiated in the field of infringement, unfair or parasitic competition.

Some of our interventions

Luxury & Intellectual Property

Drafting a set of contracts involving trademark and copyright law between a luxury house and various services providers for the operation of a luxury hotel in Paris.

Some of our interventions

Internet & Cybersecurity

Advice, recommendations and representation of a private operator operating in the cultural sector, victim of a cyber attack.

Some of our interventions


Management of trademark portfolios for several operators, private or public, including local authorities: trademark registrations, prior art searches, oppositions, surveillance, notification, letters of formal notice, coexistence and assignment agreements.

Some of our interventions

Advertising & IP

Assistance to an operator in the context of a dispute opposing it to a communication agency with respect to an exploitation allegedly carried out without the authorization of the rights holder (negotiation and amicable settlement).

Some of our interventions


Advice of several travel agencies on the contractual and operational management of travels in the context of the health crisis related to COVID-19.

Some of our interventions


Representation of a travel agency before the Court of appeal of Toulouse in the context of a dispute opposing it to travelers who tried in vain to claim its liability.

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